About Us

About Us

Benaa for Construction And Development was founded by several engineers and investors with a long experience in construction and real estate field.
We were able to gain clients satisfaction within short period through its distinguished projects in new cities such as The 5th Settlement and El-Obour City.
Not only we have high experience diction example in Real estate development sector, but also drawing the new features of the modern luxury life style through focusing on topic sentence for racism the distinctiveness of the design and quality of construction.
We commit ourselves to match the highest standards of quality, and working toward expanding our strong presence and pushing demonstration of success and excellence.

Our Mission

– Creating innovative projects that achieve the value and ensure clients satisfaction.
– The permanent search for the best in construction design and sites selection.
– Always Keening on excellence in all our operations.
– Working on improve and develop the value of real estate investment.

Our Values

– The truth and honesty in treatment.
– Respect our clients and provide them the best service.
– Our public responsibility toward the society.
– Strong relationship between us and our clients.

Our vision

Our vision in real estate field concentrated that to be one of the Pioneers of this field, also to be strong and vital partner in the national economics because of our belief in the role of real estate investment in sustainable development and raising the rates of economic growth.

CEO Message

We believe that the secret to our success is our customer hugging and appease them and excess the most effort to achieve their ambitions.
We seek to offer the distinguish and the difference in our projects, in the beginning of choosing the location of projects, passing to the different operations of construction, ending to the final receipt of the project.
Not only we often keen on providing the differentiate in our projects to be suitable for all our clients tastes and needs, but also to be with our clients and success partners far than that, which will keep splendor and beauty of our projects and often offer the best service.
We trust that the most secret of our success referring to adhere values and ethics in all our dealings even transparency and integrity turned to general behavior distinguish our employees.
And we still have ambitions and objectives seek to achieve it for you and with you, there is no doubt that all our objectives that we seek to achieve will not come without the effort and hard work and loyalty of our Customers and satisfying them and we trust that we have the ability and experience to achieve all the objectives and ambitions that we seek to.

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